Viewing Data Search Results within Advanced Search

View data by selecting a table, file, or document from your Search Results. For help using Advanced Search, please visit the Advanced Search Overview page. After reviewing the information below, you can expect to learn about:



Viewing a Single Table

Viewing Multiple Tables

Navigating Between Multiple Table Selections



Viewing a Single Table

Select a single table to view in Table Viewer by selecting a table from the data search results and following the steps below:


1.        Click on the checkbox next to the desired table to select it




2.        Click View and you will be taken to the Table Viewer page



Note: You may also view a single table by clicking the blue hyperlink text within your search results


Viewing Multiple Tables

Select multiple tables to view in the Table Viewer by following the steps below:


1.    Click on the checkboxes next to the desired tables to select them




2.    Click View and you will be taken to the Table Viewer page




Navigating Between Multiple Table Selections

     To navigate between tables, click the images\ebx_-2128546041.gif or images\ebx_2111901985.gif arrows. In the right corner of the Table Viewer page, the banner will show “Result 1 of 3” if you have selected three tables. The tables are ordered for display in the order in which they appear in the search results.


     To view all tables (up to 3) at once as a PDF, click images\ebx_2024368594.gif in the right corner of the page. All of the selected data from the Advanced Search page will display by title in alphabetical order in a new PDF window.


     To navigate away from Table Viewer, click the blue “Advanced Search” breadcrumb located at the top-left of the screen or the “Back to Advanced Search” button




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