Reference Maps

A reference map can be used to view boundaries for geographic areas, or to select geographic areas to add to your selections. Access reference maps from the main page or the map tab in the geography overlay. For example, find a map of Ohio by selecting Ohio from the drop-down box on the main page or select the map tab from the geography overlay and click Ohio on the map. View these methods below:


Geographic Selection Map Tab

Reference Map Search on the Main Page




Geographic Selection Map Tab

Select geographies to add to “Your Selections” using the geography selection tools to the left of the reference map. See Select Geographies on a Map for more information.



Reference Map Search on the Main Page



View a reference map from the main page:

1.    Select either United States or a state from the drop-down menu, images\ebx_1582665333.gif.

2.    Click GO


The map tab displays the United States or the selected state.


Map Tools

Basic Map Tools – Reference maps and thematic maps share basic tools such as zooming, panning, printing, and changing the map scale. Read about these tools in the Basic Map Tools help section.


images\ebx_-2111276155.gifSelect geographies to view on a reference map and add to your selections. Read Selecting Geographic Areas on a Map.


images\ebx_-1607869002.gif Identify what colors relate to what features and boundaries in the map legend.


images\ebx_-842060851.gifSelect boundaries and features to display on the map.


images\ebx_-732940420.gifEnter an address, place name, or lattitude and longitude to find a location on a map. Read Finding a Location and Repositioning a Map.


images\ebx_-1696709690.gifPlace point map markers of different colors and sizes as well as text on a reference map. Read Placing Map Markers.



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