How to Use American FactFinder

American FactFinder is the primary way to access data from the Decennial Census, the American Community Survey, the Puerto Rico Community Survey, the Economic Census, the Population Estimates Program and Annual Economic Surveys. To learn more about the surveys and censuses, see the What We Provide section on the American FactFinder main page. Click on “more…” next to any listed survey or census.


Information from these censuses and surveys is mostly presented in table format. In American FactFinder you can find, view, modify and download these tables.

For a brief overview of these features, see the American FactFinder Virtual Tour.


In American FactFinder, you can find the data you’re looking for in three easy steps.

1.    Choose your search path

2.    See results based on your search

3.    View the data


American FactFinder gives you powerful search tools to find census data.


After reviewing the tips below, you can:

     Use the search features available in American FactFinder

     Work with Search Results

     Use the features available for viewing and saving data



Four Paths to Census Data – Getting Started


Use Community Facts


     Quickly and easily find popular facts and estimates, or frequently viewed tables about your city or town. Find basic population, income, poverty, education, commuting, employment, race, ancestry, language spoken, housing data; and more;

     Find basic data on businesses including payroll, number of employees, etc

     To get started simply enter the name of your community (state, county, city, town, or Zip Code) in the text box on the Main Page.


Use Guided Search


     If you’re not sure where to start, use Guided Search on the American FactFinder main page.

     Receive and follow step-by-step instructions to find the information you’re looking for.

     Find data for simple geographic areas such as the nation, states, American Indian /Alaska Native/Hawaiian Home Lands, cities, towns, metro areas, congressional districts, zip codes or census tracts.


Use Advanced Search


     If you are familiar with Census data, and/or you’d like to find more complex data using multiple search topics, and/or multiple geographies, race and ethnic groups, industry codes, or EEO occupation codes.

     If you want access to all geography types and all topics and datasets in your search.


Use the Download Center


     Use the Download Center to download large amounts of data from American FactFinder.

     For information about all of the options available for downloading data, see the Download Overview.




Results Based on Your Search

      View data in a table

      Download data to your computer to store or use later

      Bookmark data to return to it later

      Print data for handouts

      Refine data results to fit your needs


Viewing Data

      Work with tables and maps to display customized data

      Modify tables to show only selected rows or columns

      Show statistical significance of data on a map

      Create thematic maps that reveal geographic patterns in the data

      Customize maps with markers to highlight points or add text to label locations on your map



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