Download Center Overview

Use the Download Center to help you quickly select and download large amounts of data. The download center steps you through selecting up to 40 tables for a set of geographies (all counties in the United States, all places in Texas, etc.). You can also download ‘prepackaged products’ that are available on the Census Bureau’s FTP sites that have been indexed by American FactFinder.

Access the Download Center from the American FactFinder Main Page by clicking ‘Download Center’ in the global menu, or by clicking the Download Center section, then clicking the Download Center button.

Find out more about the various ways to download data in American FactFinder by clicking the ‘Tell me more’ button.

For more information about downloading data in American FactFinder, see the Downloading Overview.





Download Center Start Page

The Download Center provides two paths to help you find the data you’re looking for:

     The Dataset and Table path guides you through selections to download data from one or more tables for a group of geographies (e.g., all counties in the United States or all places in California).

     The Prepackaged Data path helps you find data files that have been created by the Census Bureau that are indexed in American FactFinder.




Select a radio button next to the path you want and click ‘Next’.

Tabular data downloaded using the ‘Dataset and Table’ path are formatted as database-compatible comma-delimited (.csv) files packaged together in a single zip file.


Download Center – Selecting Tables to Download

Download Center – Selecting Prepackaged Products to Download