Community Facts Overview

Use Community Facts to find popular facts and estimates such as population totals and income, and other frequently requested data for your community by entering a state, county, city, town, or zip code. The most popular data profiles on demographic, social, economic, housing and business for your community are available here. To find data for many geographies, race and ethnic groups, industry codes, and EEO occupation codes use Advanced Search by clicking on the following link:

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Use Community Facts to:

     Find data by entering the name of your community in the Community Facts text box on the American FactFinder main page;

     Find a specific numbers easily for population, age, education, income, poverty, housing, and links to popular tables;

     Change your selected geography in Community Facts;

     Find different data points about your community;

     Select other geographies that Community Facts found based on your search terms;

     View popular tables in Community Facts.




What is Community Facts?

Community Facts is a search method that you can use from the main page of American FactFinder. To access Community Facts from anywhere else in American FactFinder, you can click on the Community Facts Button on the Global Navigation Bar located at the top of any American FactFinder page.





You can quickly and easily enter a state, county, city, town, or zip code into the search box and click Go. Doing so will display popular characteristics and links to popular tables on the Community Facts Results page for the geography you entered.



Community Facts Search Results

Once you click the GO button, the search results will display on the Community Facts Search Results page. Buttons for the different types of characteristics that are available in American FactFinder are displayed on the left side. By clicking on a button on the left side of the page, you can change the characteristic being displayed for the selected geography. Links to popular tables for the selected geography are also available in Community Facts.






If you are interested in searching for a new geography in Community Facts, you can change the selected geography by entering a new geography in the Text Input Field and clicking the GO button. If more geography results are available for the selected geography, they can be selected by clicking on the ‘We found more geographies matching your search’ link.


Clicking on the ‘We found more geographies matching your search’ link will open a pop-up window that will allow for the selection of another geography that the American FactFinder found using the geography entered. Clicking on one of the geographies in the Community Facts Search Results pop-up window will change the selected geography in Community Facts and the data points and links to popular tables in the Community Facts Results screen will be updated to reflect the newly selected geography.



If search text is entered in the Text Input Field that is not a geography and the GO button is clicked, a pop-up message will display stating that no geographies were found.




Clicking the OK button will allow for reentry of a geography in the Text Input Field. Clicking the GO button will start a new search for that geography in Community Facts.


To view a popular table for the selected geography, click on a link to a table in the Tables Display Area. The American FactFinder will then display the table in the Community Facts Table Viewer.




To go back to the Community Facts Results page after viewing the table in the Community Facts Table Viewer, click the BACK TO COMMUNITY FACTS Button.





Click the link to Advanced Search in the Tables Display Area to start an advanced search for data about a geography that is not available in Community Facts. The American FactFinder Advanced Search will display.


Click the link to Quick Facts in the Tables Display Area to find data about a geography. Quick Facts will open in a new browser window.




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