Working with Search Results

American FactFinder displays a list of tables, files and documents on the Advanced Search page (see sample page below). The tables and other products listed in the results section are based on the topics, geographies, and other search terms you’ve added to Your Selections. After reviewing the information below, you can expect to learn about:


Navigating Search Results

Information Button

Selecting Products

Sorting Results

Recommended Search Results

Downloading Products

Refining Search Results

Comparing Search Results



Navigating Search Results

American FactFinder may return more results than are able to fit on one page. You can navigate results by changing the number of results viewed on a page or by switching between pages of search results. Learn more by reading the Navigating Results help.





Information Button

The More Information button, images\ebx_-1691695268.gif allows you to view information about the specific search results. The information displayed may vary based on which product you selected.. Information included within the More Information button includes:

     How the survey is performed

     When the survey was given

     Who was responsible for administering the survey


1.    Click the More Information button next to a data product in your Search Results.



2.    A new window will display information about the data product.


Selecting Products

American FactFinder allows you to select one or more products appearing in the results section of the search results page. After selecting a data product you can view it or download it to your computer.




You can select a single product by clicking the blue hyperlinked title in the search results.


To select multiple products to view or download:


1.        Click the checkboxes next to the products to select them.

2.        Click the View button or the Download button.


For more information, see Downloading from the Search Results in Advanced Search or Viewing Data Search Results help.



Sorting Results



You can sort results based on different columns in the search results display. Results are ranked based on how well a search result matches the filters under “Your Selections”. You can reorder the results by clicking on the ID, Table, File or Document Title, and Dataset column headers. Clicking on one of the column headers will sort the search results by ascending alphanumeric order (A-Z) and clicking the same column header again will sort the results by descending alphanumeric order (Z-A). Once a column has been sorted, it cannot return to its original sort order without refreshing the page or re-running the search query.


Recommended Search Results

Recommended search results are based on Your Selections. The recommended results are located above the list of search results in the Recommendations section. These results highlight basic information about a population and provide the user with quick access to the “best bet” tables American FactFinder can display on popular subjects (such as age and sex).




Use the hide button to hide the Recommendations window. Use the show button to show Recommendations. Recommendations display based on certain keywords such as “disability.” Click the blue hyperlinks within a Recommendation to view it.



Downloading Products

Downloading maps and tables is simple to do. For more information, see Downloading from the Search Results in Advanced Search and Downloading from the Table Viewer in Advanced Search help.


Refining Search Results

Use the topics, geographies, race and ethnic groups, industries, EEO occupation codes, or text searches to narrow your search results. You can find data from different years or datasets by selecting year or dataset filters from the topics menu. Expand search results by removing selected items from the “Your Selections” component. For more information see Refine Search Results, Topics Search, Geographies Search Overview, Race & Ethnic Groups Search, Industry Codes Search, or EEO Occupational Codes Search help.

Note: Applying multiple filters will display results based on the combination of terms in Your Selections. For example, if you were to add Maryland and Virginia to Your Selections, the resulting search results would show tables available for both Maryland and Virginia.


Comparing Search Results

Use the Compare button at the top of the listing to see information about two selected tables side-by-side. Click the checkboxes next to each table and then click the Compare button to view information about each table side by side.




Note: Only two tables can be compared at a time.


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