Refine Search Results

Refine search results by applying new filters, searching within results, or by removing filters to expand a search. After reviewing the information below, you can expect to learn about:


Refine Search With Filters

Refining your Search Results

Removing a Filter




Refine Search with Filters

To filter by a particular search category, click on one of the blue boxes on the left hand side of Advanced Search.



Click one of the links below to learn how to add filter for a particular search dimension:

     Topics (age, income, year, dataset…)

     Geographies (states, counties, places …)

     Race and Ethnic Groups (race, ancestry, tribe …)

     Industry Codes (NAICS industry, …)

     EEO Occupation Codes (executives, analysts, …)



Refining your Search Results

Searching within results allows you to refine your selections by typing desired terms into the two input boxes located above your search results:





1.    Enter search criteria in the Refine your search text boxes in the Search Results pane.

a.    Enter a word or phrase in the topic or table name search box and click GO to search for topic, race or ethnic group, industry, or EEO occupation related data.

Note: You can search for Table IDs by entering the first three or more characters of the Table ID followed by an asterisk (*). This will return all tables that begin with these characters in the search results.


b.    Enter a city, state, county or other geography into the geography search box and click GO to search for geography related data.

c.     Enter words in both search boxes and click GO to find topic, race or ethnic group, industry, or EEO occupation related data for a geography.

2.    The search results page will be refreshed reflecting the new criteria and the filter will be added to “Your Selections”.


Note: As you type in the search box, suggested search terms will appear in a drop down. If you see a search term that matches what you want, left click on it and it will be used for the search.



Removing a Filter

Remove a filter within a category to expand your search results.

1.    Click the remove filter button, images\ebx_-1261455388.gif to delete an unwanted filter

2.    After the filter is removed, the search results will refresh and show the expanded search results




You may encounter some of the following messages relating to refine search results.


     Were you looking for - Displays a list of matching codes (Geographies, Race/Ethnic Groups, Industry Codes, or EEO Occupation Codes) based on your input in the Refine Your Search input boxes. This dialog box will display when a search term does not return results for your search criteria, but has found results elsewhere.



     Did you mean - AFF could not find a match for the industry, product, or code you entered. The system will produce a list of codes that closely match the text entered. You can select one of the codes from this list to run a search.



     No results found - American FactFinder could not find a match for the search term or phrase. Try a different search term or phrase or try Searching with Filters.


     No matching codes could be found for the text entered - AFF does not recognize the industry, product, or code entered, and no closely matching codes are available from the Did You Mean list. Try to come up with a different search term or phrase.





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