Select Geographies using an Address

To find geographies (cities, towns, ZIP codes, census tracts, metropolitan areas) that contain your address, enter your address in the address input fields and click Go. The geography search results will display geographies that contain your address. Click the geography’s name to add the geography to your selections. Close the geography overlay and the search results are refreshed to show items that contain your selections.


Search Using an Address

Address Search Tips



Search Using an Address

1.    Click the geographies button on the left navigation bar to open the geographies overlay

2.    Click the address tab,


3.    Enter the following information:

     Street Address


     Select a State from the drop-down menu

-- OR --

     Street Address

     ZIP code


4.    Click Go


The geography search results are updated displaying geographic areas that contain the address you entered.


5.    Add geographic areas from the geography search results to your selections by clicking the hyperlinked geography name.

6.    Close the geographies overlay by clicking the geographies button again, or by clicking the close images\ebx_1601968285.gif button in the upper-right corner of the overlay.


The data product search results are updated to show only the data matching the filters in your selections.




Search from Main Page


1.    From the main page click the street address link



2.    The address tab displays in the geography overlay



Address Search Tips


There are two ways you can enter an address:


     Enter a street address and a city in the text entry boxes (e.g., 123 Main Street and Savannah), and then select a state from the drop-down list (e.g., Georgia).


     Enter a street address and a ZIP code (e.g., 41 Elm Street and 20735).


An acceptable street address can be a street intersection. Be aware, however, that a single street intersection may have more than one Census Block or Census Tract associated with it. For example, the intersection of N. 42nd Street and Erskine Street, Omaha, Nebraska is on the border of Blocks 3000 and 3003 in Census Tract 54, and Block 2003 in Census Tract 53.




Address search will return only one block and one census tract for this intersection.


When entering a street address:

     You can use abbreviations such as St for Street or Rd for Road.

     You cannot enter a P.O. Box or Rural Route number.

     You cannot enter mileage markers or kilometer markers.

     Legitimate addresses in Puerto Rico may fail due to limitations of the Census Bureau’s source address file, including the absence of neighborhood names (i.e., urbanization names, barrio names or their +4 ZIP code equivalent).


Note: An address will never be listed or referred to in any data product or table displayed in American FactFinder. Only the selected geographies associated with the address will appear.



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