Select Geographies on a Map

Add geographies to your selections by selecting geographic areas on a map. Use the map selection tools (point, rectangle, polygon, and radius) to select geographic areas. Selections will first appear in the selection results list and can then be added to your selections.


Search for a Reference Map on the Main Page

Select Geographic Areas

Removing Selections

Zooming to Selected Geographic Area





Search for a Reference Map on the Main Page




View a reference map from the main page:

1.    Select either United States or a specific state from the geography drop-down images\ebx_-40069939.gif .

2.    Click Go.


The map tab displays the United States or the selected state.



Select Geographic Areas

To select geographic areas from a map:


1.    Click the geographies button on the left navigation bar to open the geographies overlay.

2.    Click the map tab


3.    Select a geography type from the geography type drop-down from the examples below:




     City or Town

     Census Tract

     Metro/Micro Area


4.    Click on a selection tool:

images\ebx_1300341596.gif Point – Click on the map to add individual geographic areas to the selection results.

images\ebx_1409581586.gif Rectangle – Click on the map and drag the mouse pointer to draw a rectangle on the map. Areas that intersect this rectangle will be added to the selection results.

images\ebx_-1858409888.gif Polygon – Click on the map to define the borders of a polygon. To finish drawing the polygon, double-click the last point. Areas that intersect this polygon will be added to the selection results.

images\ebx_11484585.gif Radius - Click on the map and drag the mouse pointer to draw a circle on the map. Areas that intersect this circle will be added to the selection results.


5.    Click the add to your selections button images\ebx_-925533103.gif
to add all of the geographies in the selection results to Your Selections, or right click a geography name and select add to your selections from the pop-up menu.

6.    Close the geographies overlay by clicking the geographies button again, or by clicking the close button images\ebx_1601968285.gif in the upper-right corner of the overlay.



Removing Selections

Click the remove icon images\ebx_-1261455388.gif next to a geography name to remove it from the Selection Results. Click the clear button images\ebx_-935231269.gif to clear all geographies from the selection results.


Zooming to Selected Geographic Area

After selecting geographic areas, right click on a selection and select zoom to reposition the map with the selected geographic area centered on the map.


Error Messages

You may encounter some of the following errors relating to select geographies on a map.


You have already selected this geography option

The geography you wanted to add is already in Your Selections.


You have selected one or more geographies that have no data

There are no data that meet the criteria you already selected and that fall within one of the geographies that you have selected. Remove the geography or other filters from Your Selections to change your results.



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