Search by Geography List

In Advanced Search, you can search for a geography by selecting a geographic type and by using the geography filter dropdowns. Selecting a geographic type from the geography type dropdown will display a list of available geographies. Refine the list of available geographies using the geographic filter dropdowns on the List tab and by adding items to Your Selections.


Search for a Geographic Area by List

To search for a geographic area by list:  

1.    Click the Geographies button on the left navigation bar to open the Geographies search.



2.    The List tab should be displayed; if it is not, click the list tab at the top of the Geographies search.



3.    Choose whether you would like to search from a list of the most requested geographic types, or from a list of all geographic types available in AFF. The default option is to search from a list of the most requested geographic types. Note that some geographic types may not be available because they are not available with other selections you have made (Your Selections).



4.    Select a geography type from the geography type dropdown. Geography types not available based on Your Selections will be greyed out.


The three-character geographic summary level code is shown after each entry in the list.

If you have chosen the list of all geographic types, then you also have the option to search the list rather than scroll through it. Any geographic types that contain the entry you type will be highlighted in the list.



5.    Depending on the geography type selected, one or more geography filter dropdowns may appear. Select a geography filter dropdown to filter your geography results list.


The list of available geographies included in your geography results list is updated based on the geography filter dropdowns selected and the items currently in Your Selections.


6.    Select one or more geographies from the geography results list.


7.    Click add to your selections.

The geographies you have selected are added to Your Selections.

The data search results are updated to show only the data matching the filters in Your Selections.




To start over, remove geography items in your selections using the remove item buttons images\ebx_-1261455388.gif or click clear all selections and start a new search.



Error Messages

You may encounter some of the following errors relating to searching by geography.

“The selected geography type is not available based on ‘Your Selections’. Modify ‘Your Selections’ and try again.



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